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What are the experiences of surrogates and intended parents in the UK? In California? In India? How are their choices shaped by different legal systems? What makes surrogacy different from other forms of ‚work‘? During this event, you’ll have the opportunity to ‘playtest’ the solo online activity, and learn more about the research and interviews that underpins it.

„The surrogacy act“  will take place on Zoom. The presentation will have live-text captioning. The game will be played independently online via twine (https://twinery.org/); audience members will need access to a web-browser. For people who would like extra support, the facilitators will run break-out rooms and screen-share / talk through the activity to ensure everyone can access it. Please contact the organiser directly if you have any further specific access needs.

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Are you interested in books on third party conception? Here a new book with portraits of families, parents, donors, offspring and surrogates

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