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Below is an excerpt from Narelle Dickinson’s Blog on surrogacy in Russia – worth reading!
Stop 6: Russia
I spent 9 days in Russia – St Petersburg and Moscow – and I feel incredibly fortunate to have had the chance to visit there as part of my Fellowship. This is a country I never expected to have a chance to visit, and it is pretty unlikely the opportunity to visit again is likely to come my way anytime soon.

Although surrogacy is relatively common in Russia (both domestically as well as for foreigners), finding services who were prepared to speak with me ended up feeling a little bit like I was hunting for unicorns. I found it extremely difficult to establish contact with service providers from the Russian Federation; the majority simply never answered my emails and calls. Those who did agree to meet me were friendly and very generous with their time and information, although some were somewhat reticent with the information they were prepared to provide (mostly due to some past negative media representations). Prior to departing Australia on my Fellowship, I was also able to make contact with providers from nearby countries this region. I spoke with clinics/agencies in Georgia and Ukraine, and they were helpful in providing me with information about the services they provide.

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