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German TV film on donor insemination – and its impact in the USA

On Saturday, a long TV film about infertility and various methods of family building with medical assistance was shown on German TV. I was also interviewed for this film. On Sunday, Wendy Kramer from the Donor Sibling Registry (DSR) in the USA was in touch with me and told me the following:

In the 24 hours following the airing of the German documentary (still waiting for the link), that featured the work of the Donor Sibling Registry, we were able to match 13 new people with their half-siblings and/or their donors. These were families in Germany and in Switzerland, from cities like Zurich, Munich, Schildau, Berlin and Meissen. The new families matched with other families who used the same donor in several other countries around the world.

This responsive and positive activity on the website shows that people in countries outside the US need to be aware that the Donor Sibling Registry is a global organization, connecting half siblings families (and donors) in more than forty countries around the world, both with families who used large US and Danish sperm banks, and also with those who used small local clinics.

Wendy Kramer
303-258-0902 (Office)

It still amazes me how fast these connections were made and how international ART has become. The DSR has a fact sheet for DI-families written in German which I will add to the German translation of this news (chronologically it will the the one following this).

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