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I have been working as a family therapist offering infertility counselling for over 25 years. These are the main areas of my expertise:

  • psychosocial infertility counselling for individuals and couples
  • preparation for family building with the assistance of donor gametes (egg donation, sperm donation, embryo donation etc.)
  • supporting parents who intend to talk to their children as well as family and friends about the donor conception of their child
  • supporting couples who have experienced miscarriages, stillbirths
  • couple and family therapy
  • training for professionals

Many of my scientific articles are published in English and I have also written chapters for English books. I also provide many of the news in the „News“ section (scroll down) on international developments and in English. I speak English fluently and offer counselling and therapy in English. If you are interested in counselling, training or in books and articles on infertility counselling, feel free to browse through the various sections of my website. If interested, you can contact me by telephone or email. If you subscribe my „News“, you can read about new books, TV shows, radio contributions etc. – in German and sometimes in English.

Enjoy reading my website,

Dr. Petra Thorn

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Here some about me:

Years experience in infertility counselling

Books and scientific articles

Trainings for professionals


Reviews for journals

Participation in conferences

Contributions to radio and TV


Dedication to infertility counselling

News about „Infertility“

Helfen Antioxidantien bei Kinderwunsch?

Auf dem Blog von Dr. Elmar Breitbach gibt es einen guten Artikel zur Frage, ob Antioxidantien bei Kinderwunsch helfen. Er schlussfolgert sehr vorsichtig: Möglicherweise verbessern Antioxidantien die Fruchtbarkeit von Frauen mit unerfülltem Kinderwunsch. Die positiven...

Kryokonservierung: Änderung der Richtlinie

In www.docckeck.com wurde berichtet: Vor Einführung der Kryokonservierung von Ei- und Samenzellen als Kassenleistung hat der GBA die noch nicht in Kraft getretene Richtlinie jetzt geändert. Der G-BA-Beschluss muss nun vom Bundesgesundheitsministerium  nun nochmals...

Covid-19 könnte Spermien schädigen (Betonung auf „könnte“!)

Eine Covid-19-Infektion könnte sich bei Männern auf die Entwicklung der Samenzellen auswirken. Wissenschaftler der Universität Gießen finden Anzeichen für ein "reduziertes Fruchtbarkeitspotenzial". Jedoch: Vorsicht vor voreiligen Schlüssen. Hier mehr.  

Radiobeitrag zu Samen-, Eizell- und Embryonenspende

Im NDR ist vor kurzem ein umfassender Beitrag zur Samen-, Eizell- und Embryonenspende, zur historischen Entwicklung und den aktuellen Herausforderungen, die trotz des Samenspenderegistergesetzes bestehen, veröffentlicht wurde. Für den Beitrag wurde auch ich...

10-Punkte-Papier zum Familienrecht von Katrin Helling-Plahr MdB

Katrin Helling-Plahr hat heute ein Statement zur Reform des Familienrechts veröffentlich: "Eine umfassende Reform des Familienrechts ist seit Jahren überfällig. Das Familienrecht muss endlich im 21. Jahrhundert ankommen. Auch die Justizministerin und...

Eric Shares His Experience Raising His Donor Conceived Children into Teen Years

Here a film about the experiences of a father after donor insemination. Apple Podcast link here.  

Eizellspende: Zulassung in Deutschland überfällig oder ein fataler Schritt?

Am 27. Januar hat der Gesundheitsausschuss des Bundestags eine Anhörung zum Antrag der FDP angesetzt. Die Haltungen zur Eizellspende gingen weit auseinander, vorn einem weiteren Verbot bis zu einer Fürsprache der Zulassung. Hier können Sie Näheres lesen. Von der...

„Drei Männer und ein Baby“

Zeitungsbericht in der Frankfurter Rundschau: Amerikanisches 3-Jähriges ist das erste Kind, das offiziell drei Väter hat. Hier zum Artikel.  

TV Sendung zu Kinderwunsch

Ungewollt kinderlos – Hoffnung künstliche Befruchtung? Im HR können Sie hierzu eine Sendung sehen.  

Presentations on how to protect patients in the fertility market

This Progress Educational Trust event discusses consumer protection for fertility patients. Here to the video.  

8 things I have learnt whilst raising a donor-conceived child

Here an Australian perspective of a mother after DI with some very good recommendations! In Fertility help hub.   And here some books for children: www.famart.de/en    


ESHRE has released a first report on the benefits and risks of vaccination for Covid-19. Here the report.  

Whenever I come across some news worth reporting I post them here on my website. These include new books, announcements about radio and TV contributions as well as interesting articles from abroad in English. You can subscribe these news, see on the right „subsribe News“.en.

If you scroll to the very bottom of this page, you can read all news.

For Individuals and Couples
seeking support

I known that it is not easy to experience a crisis and to find out that you do not have sufficient resources to master this crisis on your own. Infertility can be such a crisis. If your wish for a child is not fulfilled and you are considering medical treatment, counselling can help you to be informed about all medical and non-medical options of building a family. Counselling can also support your decision-making for or against medical treatment. If you decide to undergo treatment, it can help you to survive the emotional roller-coaster. Last but not least, it is important for some to draw limits,  to decide when to stop treatment and to develop an alternative life plan. Click the sections below to find out more (these sections are all in German):

  • General information on therapy and counselling and details about infertility counselling (Allgemeine Hinweise zu  Therapie und Beratung)
  • General information about family building with egg and semen donation (Allgemeines zur Familienbildung mit Samen- oder Eizellspende)
  • Information seminars for family building with egg and semen donation (Informationsseminare zur Familienbildung mit Samen- und Eizellspende) and for parents with children conceived via third party reproduction
  • Books for family building with medical assistance (Bücher zur Familienbildung mit medizinischer Unterstützung)
  • News on infertility

There are many Links to external websites with information on infertility, egg donation and donor insemination, also in other countries. And you can establish contact  to others experiencing infertility and to families following egg and sperm donation – for many, this contact helps to normalize feelings and to find out about others‘ experiences.

Impressionen of my practice

For colleagues

If you are interested in professional information on infertility counselling and psychosocial aspects of infertility, have a look at these sections:

  • Training for general as well as specialized infertility counselling (i.e. gamete donation etc.) is offered by the Training Institute of the German Society for Fertility Counselling – BKiD
  • For books on family building with medical asssistance, see FamART 
  • Here you find booksI have written, edited or co-authored
  • Here you find scientific articles I have authors or co-authored, presentations and trainings I have conducted for professionals in Germany and abroad
  • Here you find some contributions I have made to journals, radio and TV

If you are interested in training possibilities or would like to ask me for presentations, feel free to ring me or send me an email.

What has enveloped from my work as an infertility counsellor …

As  a social worker and family therapist I have been working as an infertility counsellor for over 25 years. From the very beginning, I have focused on family building by donor insemination and from the very beginning, I have supported disclosure. When counselling and facilitating seminars, I often felt that couples would like to be open about the way they built their family, but they felt anxious and were worried about negative reactions from family members and friends


Books for children
As early as in the 1990is, in the Anglo-Saxon world, books for children conceived by donor insemination were published. About 13 years ago, these books inspired me to write similar books in German. Together with Tiziana Rinaldi, an Italian artist, I have written several books. She has a magnificent way of painting wonderful, dream-like illustrations that are so typical for especially young children. In 2006, these books led to the foundation of my publishing house  FamART (Family Building with Assisted Reproductive Technology)..    


Books for parents and professionals
In the last years, together with her and with other authors, several more books have been created. In addition, colleagues approached me and asked if I was interested in publishing their books on family building with medical assistance. This has become the current programme  of FamART, which you can see and/or download on the left.


I am certain there will be more books …
Dr. Petra Thorn

You can download the current FamART Catalogue – just click on the illustration.

News about „infertility“ etc.

„Mein Vater, der Unbekannte“

„Mein Vater, der Unbekannte“

Mit dieser Überschrift wird in der Zeitschrift "Kurt" über eine junge Frau berichtet, die mittels DNA-Test und einer DNA Datenbank ihren Samenspender gefunden  hat. Hier zur Zeitschrift, der Bericht startet auf Seite 7. Aufklärungsbücher für Kinder nach Samenspende,...

mehr lesen
Neues Buch: Die Kunst der Familienbildung

Neues Buch: Die Kunst der Familienbildung

Zusammen mit Iolanda Rodino aus Australien arbeite ich zurzeit an einem neuen Buchprojekt mit dem Titel „Die Kunst der Familienbildung - Portraits von Familien, die sich mithilfe Dritter gebildet haben“. Es wird ein deutsch-englisches Buch werden, in dem wir Familien...

mehr lesen
Neues Buch: Herzensmütter

Neues Buch: Herzensmütter

Vor kurzem ist das Buch "Herzensmütter" von Ilka Sterebogen erschienen. Es wendet sich vor allem an diejenigen, deren Kinderwunsch nicht in Erfüllung gegangen ist. Hier ein Interview mit der Autorin.  

mehr lesen

Whenever I come across some news worth reporting I post them here on my website. These include new books, announcements about radio and TV contributions as well as interesting articles from abroad in English. You can subscribe these news, see on the right „subsribe News“.

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