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15 years ago today, the first educational book for children after sperm donation was published by FamART.

At that time I had tried to find a children’s book publisher who was willing to publish this niche product – but I only received rejections from all the publishers. I then founded FamART, with the idea that I would gradually and rather tenaciously sell this exotic children’s book. And that, in the worst case, I would store a lot of books for a very long time. At that time, I really couldn’t estimate whether I would sell this book at all.

Things turned out quite differently. Already about 2 years later, Lisa Green asked me whether I would like to publish a similar book for lesbian families together with her. After that, an educational book for children after IVF treatment was added, then over the years the guidebook series „Offen Gesprochen“ (Telling and Talking – translated from the UK books), two guidebooks on intercountry adoption and surrogacy, an educational book for solo mother families, for families after egg donation, a guidebook on sperm donation, two conference proceedings and two training manuals for infertility counsellors. Since 2006, more than 20 books have been published. I am pleased that the demand, especially for the educational books, is increasing, because this shows that more and more parents talk to their children about their conception by sperm and egg donation. I also notice this in counselling: many couples no longer come to me with the question of whether they should talk to their child, but rather want to know when and how they can disclose this. In addition, so-called „info cards“ have been added, intended to be passed on to family and friends, which provide information about the emotional aspects of a miscarriage, the diagnosis „infertile“, etc.. And more recently, there are free „info-letters“ for kindergarten and school teachers that inform about different family forms.

FamART will continue to develop. At the moment, three books are in the making: a „coffee table“ book on family building with 3rd party reproduction (you can find a teaser below, which you can also see in better resolution at www.famart.de), a  book for elementary school children introducing them to today’s family diversity, and the report of a family of two fathers with two children after egg donation and surrogacy. An educational book for solo mothers with children after embryo donation is also planned.

Personally, I am very pleased that the stigma and taboo of infertility and family formation with sperm, egg donation and surrogacy have been significantly reduced in these 15 years and that more and more (intended) parents have the confidence to talk about it openly. And that the books published by FamART have perhaps contributed a small part towards this development!

Mörfelden, January 2021
Petra Thorn

Teaser: The art of family education – click on this  link: Die Kunst der Familienbildung – Klein


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